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Funding and insurance solutions for your Mercedes-Benz

Now it's the time to drive your dream car and get financing through the Star Finance Service; available at Young Stars (Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer for Certified Pre–Owned Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars).

Even extraordinary dreams can come true

If you are anywhere between the age of 21-59 years, employed or self-employed, you are eligible to receive Star Finance benefits such as:
- Minimum down-payment of 25% of the car price.
- No interest or commission on the highest monthly debit balance.
- Possibility of full and partial prepayment.
- Financing of up to 600,000 LE for a maximum of 2 cars per person.


The steps to reaching your star keys in life are simple and straightforward.

1.Fill out an application form at your nearest showroom.
2.Make sure you have an account with any of our listed authorized banks.
3.Upon notification of approval, within 3 working days, Star Finance will take care of your car's registration on your behalf.
With Star Finance, your dream comes true and you can now drive your very own Mercedes-Benz!



Mercedes-Benz offers a range of options to ensure the ongoing protection of your car and your finances. Please Call us to find out more about the insurance packages available.

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