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Content Management System

System Online Content Managment System

System Online Creative Content Management System is a dynamic web-based, Knowledge Management and  Document Management system . SEO friendly .

A Content Management System - CMS uses a database to store, retrieve, and edit the content of your website. Each page of your site is stored as simple text - making it easy to edit, search, and manipulate. When someone visits your website the Content Management System - CMS automatically converts your text into the required HTML and Javascript. Furthermore, the Content Management System - CMS database allows for additional features to be easily integrated into the website: user login and passwords, events and gallery, blogs, news feeds, and much more.
Organisation's use web Content Management Systems to integrate their web presence with the rest of their operations. They use them to ensure content is up to date, refreshed and relevant. These systems also allow businesses to extract more value from the web channel and gain greater return on web marketing and web communication endeavours.


The Benefits of using Creative Content Management System

  •  Your site has a unique look that is consistent across all pages (for improved usability).
  •  The ability to update and change your content anytime using a web browser
  •  Your site's content will be displaying using current web standards. This increases accessibility and makes your content more "future proof"
  •  The Content Management System - CMS has built-in search capability, You can modify, add and delete pages using the built-in browser based editor.
  •  When individual pages are added, moved or deleted the page navigation menu links are automatically adjusted on all pages of your site.
  •  Website design changes are instantly updated on all website pages. This encourages minor problems to be fixed rather than "lived with".
  •  Save Money With Creative Content Management Solutions.

Creative Content Management System provides a complete line of Content Management System - CMS applications that have been specifically designed with non-technical staff in mind, ensuring the right people can manage the right content. Creative Content Management System provides CMS development service in various programming languages like PHP Content Management System development, Content Management System development, Intranet Content Management System development,XML Content Management System development,Flash Content Management System development,SEO friendly CMS development solutions.

What are clients say ?

“Prompt & effective service.”

Dr. Youssef Ziedan - Director of the Manuscript Center, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina


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