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Software as a Service (SaaS) is revolutionizing the way businesses utilize technology to accomplish daily activities. In the past, start ups and small businesses could not afford expensive, enterprise level technology.
Now, thanks to SaaS, these companies can access best of breed applications, and increase their productivity and capabilities with

  • Low costs of ownership
  • No installation or maintenance requirement
  • Anywhere accessibility
  • Occasional use applications
  • Rapid product cycles

SaaS eliminates the problems commonly associated with the traditional software delivery  method and both users and vendors are realizing SaaS is the future of IT.
As an Independent Software Vendor, the reasons to adopt the SaaS model are clear:

  • Larger available market. SaaS products appeal to a larger audience because of their accessible nature with lower upfront costs and reduced infrastructure requirements.
  • Lower Development Costs and Rapid Time to Market. Because agile software development testing takes less time and expenses than traditional methods, SaaS provides smaller developer fees and a rapid time to market timeline.
  • Predictable Monthly Costs. Typically, the SaaS model provides Monthly Recurring Revenue. ISVs can rely on monthly incoming revenue, instead one major release.
  • Closer Customer Relationships. The traditional software delivery method includes upfront interaction and tapering ongoing relationships. SaaS brings vendors and customers closer with more opportunities for interaction throughout the model.
  • Competitive Differentiation. The world is quickly adopting the SaaS model and opportunities are developing for new software companies to compete with larger vendors.

Ready to Move to SaaS?

System Online's development team has extensive experience in helping customers transform their existing product into the SaaS model. Additionally, System Online has expertise in developing new, custom on-demand SaaS applications.
We understand the software development challenges you face as an ISV moving into SaaS. Turn to the SaaS professionals at System Online to address the following considerations while designing SaaS applications:

  • User Experience. Applications need to be easy to use and provide high performance
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility. Programs must work with multiple browser platforms and versions
  • Single Tenant vs. Multi-Tenant Architecture. The software should support one single customer or should support multiple customers
  • Reliability & Availability. With anytime, anywhere access SaaS needs to be fully functional & availability 24x7x365
  • Interoperability. SaaS software needs to easy integrate with other applications
  • Extensibility. Customers expect customizable application to fit the end user's needs
  • Scalability. SaaS is known for being able to scale up with degrading performance, your software must meet those expectations
  • Security. Security within the SaaS model is a customer concern, software must alleviate this worry

System Online addresses these SaaS challenges with confidence and commitment to your success.
System Online's technology competencies include:

  • Microsoft tools and technologies (Silverlight, Expression, .NET 3.5, SQL Server)
  • LAMP stack
  • Sun Java Technologies
  • Database (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
  • Mobility platforms

What are clients say ?

“Prompt & effective service.”

Dr. Youssef Ziedan - Director of the Manuscript Center, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina


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