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You can now take advantage of the manageability, availability, and scalability of Amazon RDS using SQLServer 2008 R2 or 2012.


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System Online

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

We believe that professional maintenance and support is the right way to reduce software system TCO and ensure useful improvements and optimizations. This is not only about availability of single units & modules; it is also about making sure that the entire IT-infrastructure is cost-effective and runs smoothly and reliably. To provide our partners with all advantages of smoothly functioning software we offer multiple options for Maintenance & Support Services or outsourcing of the entire operation:

  • As a part of System Online’s full-cycle solution implementation
  • Third-party applications maintenance and support
  • Consulting, staff training and other services on demand

Support and maintenance outsourcing provided by System Online ensures all-round support – from impartial software assessment & consulting to 24\7 IT system maintenance. Contact us today to receive top-quality support & maintenance service, and as a result result - smoothly functioning software and the entire IT- infrastructure.

Effective Software Maintenance

System Online releases your company’s staff of routine tasks, helps to optimize IT costs and saves time to advising and supporting customers. Our team of 100+ professionals with narrow specialization in software maintenance and support is uniquely qualified to settle the most difficult software problems and issues.

Perfective and Corrective Maintenance services delivered by System Online are designed to meet specific challenges that your software faces. System Online can enhance, re-engineer or customize your solution,  tackling minor and major issues that trouble or hamper system performance and functionality. 

Adaptive Maintenance. As time goes by, corporate software and hardware is constantly complemented, interchanged or removed to stay in line with the changing business requirements and technology updates. Adaptive maintenance delivered by System Online’s team ensures that your software and hardware work stably and reliably in the new altered environment.

Scheduled Maintenance services enable facilitated updates & releases management to ensure that your system or application stays in line with the latest technology and far ahead of competition.
If non-stop operation of your system is top critical to your business, System Online can simultaneously proceed with our maintenance activities in background mode: while we are enhancing or correcting your solution your system remains available 24/7.

Professional Software Support

2nd and 3rd level support services of own and third party applications to restore failed services and applications as quickly as possible. System Online professional services include but are not limited to

  • Issue detection, diagnosis, analysis and solution delivery
  • Workaround provision
  • Hot fixes
  • New releases and updates
  • Service and feature packs delivery

System Online is continually focused on the latest technology research for improving the fail-safe characteristics of your software. We can re-install your application from the beginning, migrate it to a new environment or hosting provider.

4th level support including application enhancement. System Online will professionally develop and implement the new application functionality, which may include transformation, migration, and extension of your current application or legacy system to keep it usable and relevant to actual customer’s needs.

3rd-party applications support

System Online carries out complete 3rd Party application takeover which includes:


Remedy activities

Maintenance & Support

  • Safe knowledge transfer from the current IT team to Itransition
  • Architecture and code audit
  • Related documentation audit
  • Functional and performance testing and results analysis
  • Hot fixes
  • Performance tuning
  • Missed documentation replenishment
  • Improvements planning
  • Online helpdesk and support service
  • Scheduled and on-demand updates
  • Issue tracking and cause removal
  • Back up and recovery

How we work

Software back-up and data recovery. We strive to ensure that our solutions are absolutely dependable and that they offer not only maximum availability but also maximum back-up and data security. Our all-round support & maintenance services leverage your data security, backup and recovery, increasing up-time of your IT system.     

Budget flexibility . Our maintenance and support outsourcing options comprise great flexibility: you pay only for the services you need and when you need them. As your maintenance needs change, System Online offers a wealth of options to switch to.

Out of the box technology expertise - our dedicated software maintenance team stays in line with the cutting-edge technology tendencies, which ensures maximum uptime of your application and its dynamic compliance with the industry standards.

Issue Reaction Time

Our reaction time depends on the severity level of Support Case (SC). We define 4 severity levels to classify issue complexity:

Production System is down or is malfunctioning, which has detrimental impact on business. No potential workaround exists. Severity 1 (Critical) Time of reaction is up to 1 business hours
Malfunctioning , which has a significant impact on business, but a workaround is available. Severity 2 (High) Time of reaction is up to 2 business hours
Malfunctioning, which has insignificant impact on business. Severity 3 (Normal) Time of reaction is up to 8 business hours
No impact on functionality or quality of the product. This level is typically attributed to general questions, comments or recommendations for future product enhancements. Severity 4 (Low) Time of reaction is up to 16 business hours




What are clients say ?

“Prompt & effective service.”

Dr. Youssef Ziedan - Director of the Manuscript Center, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina


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